Scott Control Panel Timer - 230V
Scott Control Panel Timer - 230V

Scott Aerator

Scott Control Panel Timer - 230V

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Scott Aerator Lighting Kits are designed to plug into a 115V power source. This can create a hassle when using 230V fountains because it will require you to have two outlets running at different voltages.

The Scott Aerator Control Panel solves this issue, once and for all! The control panel is GFCI-protected and designed to operate your 230V fountain along with a light set while only using a single power input. Your 230V power goes into the box and is split to power a 115V light set and your fountain or aerator from the same source.

The Scott Control Panel also features a digital 24-hour timer, so you can optimize run times.


  • The polycarbonate enclosure is water-tight and includes mounting feet.
  • Lockable, stainless steel enclosure hasps
  • Digital timer has memory back-up with no battery to maintain.
  • Industrial wire terminals
  • Auxiliary output circuit includes a separate 15-amp breaker
  • Remote start/stop circuit terminals are included