Bearon Fountain Timer
Bearon Fountain Timer

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Bearon Fountain Timer

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A reliable, durable outdoor timer for fountains and aerators. Simply plug the timer into your GFI-protected outlet, then plug your aerator, fountain or light-set plugs directly into the timer. It's that easy!


  • Outdoor-grade plastic case measures 5 inches (12.7 cm) high by 5½ inches (13.97 cm) wide by 3¾ inches (9.52 cm) deep.
  • 3-foot cord with three-prong, grounded plug, all outdoor-grade.
  • 24-hour timer with 23½-hour maximum On time. Comes standard with two On and two Off trippers. Dial will accept up to 12 sets of trippers.



  • 40 Amp rating
  • Power and status LED indicators
  • 24-Hour timer / Skip-a-Day / 7-Day programming
  • Captive trippers – trippers cannot be lost
  • Auto-Voltage selection 120 VAC through 277 VAC
  • Up to 48 ON/OFF operations per 24 hour period or 42 ON/OFF operations per week on "W" models
  • DPDT switching configuration standard (2 N.O. and 2 N.C. Contacts)
  • Manual 3-way OFF/AUTO/ON override switch