Fountain Buyers Guide

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Choosing Your Fountain

We advise using a minimum of 1 HP per acre. This will provide just enough in terms of display size & aeration.

However, you can certainly size up your fountain as much as you'd like! Just ensure that you allow for 10 FT minimum between the fountain's spray and your pond's edge.

* Important Tip: If you are looking to achieve a very large display, we recommend choosing a minimum motor size of 1.5 HP

Motors that are 1.5 HP and above push significantly more water per hour, this will result in a much fuller spray.

The voltage you should use depends on what type of power source you have set up at your pond. 115V & 120V will work with any standard residential outlets.

If you want to go with a larger fountain (over 1 HP) or need an extra long power cable, then you will need to use 230V or 240V power.

If this is the case, don't worry. Typically this is as easy as swapping out your breaker and outlet receptacle to accommodate the higher voltage.

Aerating fountains are specially designed to pump more gallons of water per hour. They utilize a propeller which forces the water through an open orifice rather than through a decorative nozzle.

This causes them to agitate & circulate the water at a much faster rate, allowing for more aggressive surface aeration. They are a wonderful option if the primary goal is to remove surface algae & muck.

Decorative fountains are designed mainly for aesthetic purposes. Unlike aerating fountains, they force the water through nozzles which provide elaborate spray patterns.

Keep in mind, decorative fountains will still provide aeration due to the nature of them agitating the water. Ultimately, the choice comes down to functionality vs aesthetics.

Check out the Aerating Pond Fountains and Decorative Pond Fountains we offer.

Installation Into Your Pond

All of the fountains we carry float in the pond and are anchored in place using two sets of nylon rope. One end of the nylon ropes will attach to the eye-bolts on the fountain float or motor. The other ends of the rope can be secured to cement blocks (for anchoring to the pond bottom) or to ground stakes (for anchoring to the pond shore)

The fountain's waterproof power cable will run from the fountain, under the water, back up to the shore and finally to your power source.

As long as there is already power set up near your pond then the installation process is very straightforward.

Optional Fountain Lighting Kits

Light kits are not included with the fountains and are sold separately.

We strongly recommend them if you are looking to enhance your display, our customers have consistently expressed that they were well worth it.

* Important Tip: Remember to pick a light kit from the same brand as your fountain.

Check out all of our Pond Fountain Light Kits.

All of the light kits easily attach to your fountain's float within minutes using the provided hardware.

Each light kit comes with its own set of power cable which will run from the fountain to your outlet.

* Important Tip: Scott Aerator light kits run off 115V power. If you would like to run your Scott Aerator lights off a 230V power source, consider purchasing the Scott Aerator Control Panel.

Optional Fountain Timers

Kasco fountains include a control panel which functions as a timer for both the fountains & light kits.

All other fountain brands do not include a timer, they may be added to purchase now or at a later date.

Optional Fountain Nozzles

Yes! All of our decorative fountains include at least one nozzle, this will be whichever is pictured.

We do also offer fountain packages which include up to five nozzles at no extra cost. Check out our Multiple-Display Pond Fountains.

Yes, this is one of the wonderful benefits of all the pond fountain brands that we carry. Each brand is compatible with additional nozzles which simply screw onto your fountain. This makes it easy for you to enjoy many different displays from the same unit.

* Important Tip: Only our decorative fountains use nozzles. If you have an aerating fountain, nozzles are not compatible.

Check out all of the great Pond Fountain Nozzles we carry.

Fountain Maintenance

Only Scott Aerator Fountains can stay in the pond during the Winter months. You may either run them 24/7 to keep ice from forming around the unit, or simply unplug them and wait until Spring to reconnect the power.

All other fountain brands that we carry must be removed from the pond before the water freezes.

All of the fountain brands we carry come fitted with debris shields that do a wonderful job of preventing any clogs in the motor. Clogs are typically only of a concern if your pond is very close to the fountain's minimum required depth.

If you do notice a drop in performance in your fountain over time it is recommended to remove the unit from the pond and give it a thorough cleaning and inspection.