Kasco J Series Pond Fountain - 1 HP
Kasco J Series Pond Fountain - 1 HP
Kasco J Series Pond Fountain - 1 HP
Kasco J Series Pond Fountain - 1 HP
Kasco J Series Pond Fountain - 1 HP
Kasco J Series Pond Fountain - 1 HP
Kasco J Series Pond Fountain - 1 HP
Kasco J Series Pond Fountain - 1 HP
Kasco J Series Pond Fountain - 1 HP


Kasco J Series Pond Fountain - 1 HP

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1 review
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  • Includes five nozzles for different spray patterns
  • Operates in as low as 19 inches of water depth
  • Energy efficient, low amperage operation
  • Improves water quality while providing a stunning display
  • Optional light kits can be added now or later
  • Includes the motor, float, CFGI protected control panel, 5 nozzles and your choice of cord length.
  • 2-Year manufacturer warranty


Electrical Specs:

Single Phase 120V Motor - 11 Amps / 240V Motor - 6 Amps

- Manufactured In Wisconsin.

Based in Prescott, WI, Kasco Marine is a family-owned manufacturer of water aeration and mixing products.

Since 1968, Kasco has been the leading designer and manufacturer of de-icers, fountains, surface aerators, circulators, municipal products and beneficial bacteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

The type of fountain you should choose ultimately depends on your needs. (Aeration, decoration, or both!) If the goal is to aerate the pond, your best bet would be one of our aerating fountains. If you are mainly looking for a decorative display, go with one of our decorative fountains. 

At the end of the day, both fountain types will still improve the health of your pond. Increasing oxygen and reducing stagnation are the first steps to a healthy ecosystem.

The horsepower refers to the strength of the motor. More horsepower will result in a bigger display, as well as increased surface aeration. You can size up as much as you'd like, just make sure that the spray size will fit and your pond meets the water depth requirements. Feel free to check the fountain sizing guide for our suggestions, or simply give us a call. We're always happy to make a recommendation.

All of the fountains we carry float in the pond and are anchored in place using mooring line. The waterproof submersible power cable will run from the fountain's location all the way to your outlet. As long as you already have a power source set up, installation is very straightforward.

The voltage you choose will depend on what type of power source you have set up at your pond. 120V will work with any standard residential outlet.  If you require a motor over 1 HP or a cable run of over 200 FT, you will need to use 240V power. This is generally as simple as swapping out your breaker and outlet receptacle.

Always consult with a licensed electrician.

You should never use an extension cord to run power to your fountain. Doing so may cause unsafe operating conditions and over time will cause unnecessary wear on the motor.

Light kits are not included with the fountains and are sold separately. You can purchase them right away, or add them later if you desire. We highly recommend them if you want a truly spectacular display! Our customers have consistently expressed that they were worth it.

No, all Kasco fountains include their own dedicated control panel which functions as a timer for both the fountains & light sets.

Kasco fountains are not designed to withstand winter temperatures, so you should always remove the unit from the pond before temperatures reach below 32°F.