Scott Aerator Amherst Pond & Lake Fountain

Scott Aerator - An Industry Leader & Family Owned Business

Year after year, one of our best-selling pond fountain brands continues to be Scott Aerator. This family owned business is operated out of Holland, Michigan and has been highly regarded as one of the leading brands in the pond fountain & water aeration industry. We are confident in our belief that Scott Aerator makes the best pond fountains available on the market.

For more than 50 years, Scott Aerator has built their products by hand in the United States, creating a well-known legacy of quality products backed by superior customer service and a five year, unconditional warranty.

The most popular fountains on their line-up, the DA-20 Aerating Fountain and the Amherst Decorative Fountain have both received amazing feedback from our customers. The DA-20 Fountain is built for aeration, pumping out up to 48,000 gallons of water per hour. This classic umbrella-shaped fountain not only looks amazing, but has left our customers highly satisfied. (Seriously, we've seen algae covered ponds become crystal clear after less than a week of running this unit!)

Not only does Scott Aerator produce some of the best aerating pond fountains, they also happen to manufacture stunning decorative displays, such as the very popular Amherst Fountain.

The Amherst fountain is capped by three tiers and reaches up to an impressive 25 FT in height. Very popular for commercial locations, it is our go-to recommendation for anybody looking to make a serious statement! 

Like all fountains Scott Aerator produces, they are built with oil-free, water cooled motors that are completely winter-safe. This makes them virtually maintenance-free without the need to remove them from the pond.

Have any questions? Give us a call today. We would love to help you choose the perfect Scott Aerator fountain for your pond!