Scott Aerator Cambridge Pond Fountain
Scott Aerator Cambridge Pond Fountain
Scott Aerator Cambridge Pond Fountain
Scott Aerator Cambridge Pond Fountain
Scott Aerator Cambridge Pond Fountain

Scott Aerator

Scott Aerator Cambridge Pond Fountain

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scott aerator cambridge fountain

Spray Sizes

- 1 HP - 30 FT x 40 FT (Height x Width)

- 1.5 HP - 35 FT x 45 FT (Height x Width)

Minimum Pond Depth

- 1 HP - 44"

- 1.5 HP - 54"

Fountain Sizing Guide

Pond Size Motor Strength
1/8 Acre 1/3 HP
1/4 Acre 1/3 HP - 1/2 HP
1/2 Acre 1/2 HP - 3/4 HP
3/4 Acre 3/4 HP - 1 HP
1 Acre 1 HP - 2 HP
2 Acre (+) 2 HP - 3 HP (+)


The Cambridge Fountain by Scott Aerator is sure to provide a spectacular focal point for both ponds & lakes, while also improving water quality. This fountain provides a dynamic and elegant display, featuring a multi-tiered spray pattern capable of reaching up to 35' in height and 45' in width. Perfect for water bodies both large or small, we truly cannot recommend this model enough!

Main Details:

  • Floating fountain for use in both ponds & lakes.
  • Designed for 24 hour, four season operation.
  • Quick & easy assembly, anchor the float and plug it in.
  • Oil-Free, zero maintenance motor.
  • Approved for both saltwater & freshwater.
  • Add LED lights now or later.
  • Add timers now or later.
  • Includes the fountain pump, nozzle, float, stainless steel filter and power cable.

Four Season Operation:

Scott Aerator fountains are designed to withstand winter temperatures. Simply leave your aerator or fountain in the water, turn off the power supply, and forget about it for the winter. Once the water thaws in the spring, re-establish power to the unit and you’re good to go. 

Suitable For Multiple Applications:

Scott Aerator fountains are suited for both residential & commercial use. Typical locations include farm ponds, neighborhood (HOA) ponds, retention ponds, clubhouses, golf courses, and a variety of commercial properties. 

Made In The USA - 5 Year Motor Warranty:

Scott Aerator products are proudly manufactured in the USA since 1963. 

Scott Aerator Company products are warranted to the original owner for five years against motor defects in materials or workmanship.  

Spray Sizes

1 HP 30' X 40'
1.5 HP 35' X 45'

Fountain Specs

1 HP 44" 75
1.5 HP 54" 115

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