Frequently Asked Questions

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Pond Fountains:

Installation of your fountain is extremely simple, assuming that you already have a power source set up. Once you've assembled your fountain, you should decide how you want to anchor it into your pond.

You can either anchor the fountain to the bottom of your pond using cement blocks, or to the edges of your pond using ground stakes.

The fountain comes with two eye-bolts pre-installed. Simply tie your anchoring line (sold here) to either end of the fountain. Then, depending on the anchoring method you choose, tie the other ends of the line to your cement blocks or ground stakes.

Kasco fountains include a set of anchoring line.

The water-proof submersible power cord will run from your fountain all the way to the power source at the edge of your pond. Be sure to choose a long enough cable to make the distance.(If in doubt, It's better to size up!)

The horsepower refers to the strength of the motor. More horsepower will result in a bigger display, as well as increased surface aeration.

You can size up as much as you'd like, so long as the spray size will fit and your pond meets the water depth requirement.

Feel free to check the fountain sizing guide for our suggestions, or simply give us a call. We're always happy to make a recommendation!

The voltage you choose will be dependent on what type of power source you have set up at your pond. 115V / 120V will work with any standard residential outlet. 

If you are deciding on a larger horsepower motor or require a longer cable run, we highly suggest swapping to 230V / 240V if possible. Generally, this requires little more than swapping out your breaker and outlet receptacle to be compatible.

Always consult with a licensed electrician.

You should never use an extension cord to run power to your fountain. Doing so may cause unsafe operating conditions and damage the motor.

Light kits are not included with the fountains and are sold separately. You can purchase them right away, or add them later if you desire.

We highly recommend them if you want a truly spectacular display! Our customers have consistently expressed that they are well worth the money.

The fountain timer is an optional component. However, we would recommend purchasing one if you'd like to run your fountain on a schedule without the need to manually disconnect the power.

Kasco & Airmax fountains include a timer by default.

Scott Aerator Light Sets come with their own dedicated transformer, which includes a timer function.

Kasco & Airmax Fountains come with a control panel / timer that controls both the fountain and the lights.

Scott Aerator fountains are designed to be winter resistant. When winter arrives, disconnect the power and allow your fountain to freeze inside your pond. Once the pond thaws in the Spring, simply reconnect the power and you're good to go!